Variable to change visualization method

I couldn’t find the answer to my question so I would be very pleased to get an answer from here. I am using Grafana 8.1.1 local at Windows 10.

What I am searching is, am I able to change the visualization method in a panel based on the variable I selected?

For example, if I have two variables, ‘var 1’ and ‘var 2’, each variable shows different graph, like ‘var 1’ shows bar gauge with some data, and ‘var 2’ shows a single stat with other data.
And because those two variables are in a same drop-down menu, only one of them is presented on the dashboard.

I found only articles/forum answers regarding variables for same visualization on same panel, which is not what I wanted.

Can I ask @popochv,

Can I ask: what is the larger goal here? What are you trying to achieve? If you are interested in toggling on/off the appearance of certain queries, then there might be an easier way…

Hello, @mattabrams

Thank you for asking it.

The goal is changeable panel depending on the user’s variable choice.

As I explained in the example in my first post, I would like to show ‘same data’ using different visualization methods (e.g., ‘var1’ for a bar gauge, ‘var2’ for a table).

if it is possible, I can save space to display all panels I want in one screen while showing data differently (which I want).

I found that the hiding panel based on the variable is not possible (from Grafana Github: Hide empty / no data panels · Issue #4470 · grafana/grafana · GitHub).

So I wonder is there any other way to go around implementing a similar feature.

Ok I see :+1:

I do not think this is possible, but I could be wrong…

No problem, thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

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