Variable Data Source Option Not Available While Creating DashBoard

Initially, I was able to add variables to a dashboard with the Infinity plugin to fetch data from an API. However, now when I am creating a variable of type Query, I am not able to see the data source option to select the data source for the variable.

this was the old Variable Creation panel for reference

this is the issue i am facing

Hi @vannemreddy2000

This is indeed strange. Were you previously running another version of Grafana and this behavior changed when you migrated to another (newer?) version?

hi @grant2 ,yes previously, i am using 10.1 version, and now i have upgraded to 10.4.1

now i am trying to downgrade grafana version, i think there is no fix for this

I believe around one of those version changes, Infinity became included with Grafana, or was at least no longer considered a plugin. Can you remove Infinity and then re-install it?

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Hmm, I doubt this is anything to do with the datasource itself, given the data source picker would show all available data sources. Infinity is now maintained by Grafana but there have been no changes to bundle in Grafana itself etc.

Afraid I wasn’t able to reproduce locally using 10.4.1 either. Were there any errors in the browser console?