Grafana dashboard filters datasource based on inputs

I have my dashboard, in which have csv data source and would like to add dropdown filters on selection of dropdown my data should be updated.
IS there any way to do this ?

It sounds like you want to use chained variables. Here are some useful starting points and example dashboards in our public sandbox :+1:

Thank you but this is with Graphite but my datasoruce is csv. All i want to know how to query csv data source with variables

Hi @komalgulwade1 - Can you post the sample CSV you have (at least few lines)?
Can you also provide details like what plugin you are using and what version you are using?

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Hi @yesoreyeram I am using csv plugin as shown below-

The sample data is how it will look like -

Thank you for the examples link.

I am not much familiar with CSV plugin. But, I used to do similar filtering with infinity datasource plugin.