Where should I add the variable in a csv query for the plugin Infinity Datasource

Can someone please tell me how I can put a variable in a query while using Infinity Datasource? If it’s not available with a URL, would it work if I used a local csv file instead of URL? (I’m concerned about someone having access to server files through Grafana so it’s disabled)

@yesoreyeram, mentioned in March 2021 that variables in urls were disabled but maybe there is a current option?

I updated Grafana and installed the plugin today. So, I am using the newest versions.


can you explain: where in the infinity query editor would you want to interpolate a variable? Have you tried creating your own custom template variable?

Here are the docs on template variables. And here is a list of good examples on play.grafana.org that use template variables. You can inspect each dashboard to see just how the variables are constructed.

Hi, did you solve this? want to do the same.

Hi, I am the author of the infinity plugin. Variables in URL field is supported. use as any other variable or refer documents. But you need to make sure the variable replacement give you a proper single url.

No local files supported in infinity.

Good luck.