Writing Multiple URLs to the Infinity Plugin


If I use something like below, I can view the results on a particular host. Normally, we can make multiple selections for the variables we created in Grafana. However, I could not do this in the Infinity plugin. I keep getting errors, what can I do?

Hi - if you don’t get an answer here, it may be worth asking in the repo for the plugin yesoreyeram/grafana-infinity-datasource · Discussions · GitHub

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You can share the errors you are seeing for starters :wink: as well as how you are creating those variables, manually or from some data source?

Hi @omeravci - Author of Infinity plugin here. TLDR: multiple variables won’t work in the URL host. The URL field should produce a single valid URL after the variable expansion. ( You can check the query inspector to see the output URL after variable expansion )

Instead, You can use multi value variable in your URL query string. Also you can use Iterating URLs in a loop in the pagination.

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Thank you for the information. I also get various errors when I use it this way.

I get two errors:
error getting data frame. unable to merge fields due to different fields

Internal server error
There is no problem with a single selection, but a problem occurs when I make two or more selections.