Grafana infinity datasource variable

Hi guys/gals,

I’m very new to grafana and i’m looking for some assistance.

I have a django app that sends some jsondata
I am using Grafana Infinity Datasource to gather the info and make simple graphs and tables.

But i do not know how the variables work with infinity datasource. I have read the documentation but i just cant get it to work.

When creating a variable and select my infinity datasource i only have query mode legacy option.
And i dont get the query to get the values from my json.
This is the example given
Collection(India,in,United Kingdom,uk)

I have no clue .

Could anyone please advise

With the current/latest version of the plugin, querying variables from urls are not supported/ disabled. Only legacy/ hard coded values allowed. But upcoming version will support querying variables from URL.

I managed to get worldmap to show the dots that are sent in my json .
The timeselector doesnt remove the dots that are not within the selected timerange.
It still shows all dots on the map.

What am i missing?

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