How to pass URL Dynamically in Grafana using Infinity Plugin

Hii, I am Vinay
Can you please suggest me how to pass URL Dynamically in Grafana using Infinity Plugin.
The above url is my nodered url.

Hi @vinayvadlamudi,

Can you elaborate? What are you trying to do, and what is going wrong when you try to do it? Screenshots? :+1:


Hi @mattabrams
Here I am using html form

when i submit this form. I am getting Json Output in Url.
I have to pass this url dynamically to Grafana using Infinity data Source.
Based On this this data the grafana should display their graphs.

I tried But I am not getting that how to pass url dynamically to grafana

@vinayvadlamudi - can you post the full url that includes timestamp ? ( Masking sensitive data ). Btw, this should be straight forward as any other plugin. You can use grafana variables and grafana time macros in the url.


The sample url is above,

the url parameter values will be changing frequently. Is there any way to include paramters dynamically in grafana using Infinity dataplugin.

Probably what you need is${deviceID}&StartDate={__from:date:YYYY-MM-DD}&EndDate={__to:date:YYYY-MM-DD} as your URL.

Where ${deviceID} is variable you need to create using dashboard template variable

and {__from:date:YYYY-MM-DD} and {__to:date:YYYY-MM-DD} will be coming from dashboard’s time range.

Read more about time variables here Global variables | Grafana Labs

and here Add variables | Grafana Labs

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Hi @yesoreyeram,
I am using Infinity Plugin in grafana to fetch data from rest api.I am using multiple value variables in the queries of the panel.
But when i am using multi value variable in the query of the panel,the panel is populated with the data of single value of the variable,when i select multiple values ,am not getting any data
I have tried enabling panel repetition option,then am getting data for multiple vaules of the variable in multiple panels.
I want the combined data for all the values of the variable.
Any suggestions would be greatly helpful

@charishmavinny - I would suggest to create a thread in for infinity plugin related questions. If possible include steps to reproduce, screenshots.

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Hi @yesoreyeram ,Thank you for the reply.
I have created a thread on infinity plugin github page with my data.Please check it when you have some time

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