Infinity datasource Variable does not allow dashboard to load

Hello there,
I am using Grafana grafana/grafana:9.1.5 on a dockerized system (Ubuntu).
waiting till the dashboard loading times out gives me these errors:

I am trying to open up a freshly created dashboard that worked fine, only when it was open. What I mean by this is that when I closed the dashboard and opened it up again it is stuck in loading.

I believe this is a problem with the Variables I am using that come from an Infinity Datasource:

since I see in the container log a huge amount of these:

logger=plugin.yesoreyeram-infinity-datasource t=2022-09-15T10:46:17.168330601Z level=error msg="error getting response for query" error="500 Internal Server Error"

The variables and settings that I am using are working fine:

and inside the query is working fine with no errors.
What happens is that when I close the dashboard it will take at least 50 page refreshes to get a chance of it loading correctly.

(the query inside the yellow panel uses two variables that are dependend on another data source, that works fine)

Maybe is it a race condition problem?

@sriramsugumaran does this sound specific to the infinity plugin? any ideas off the top of your head? thx!

Yes… looks like of an issue with infinity variable when using with POST method. More details here for further follow-up [Bug] Unexpected error while selecting POST method for fetching variable values · Issue #413 · yesoreyeram/grafana-infinity-datasource · GitHub