Queries are successful but the panel keeps loading forever


I am using infinity plugin to query some APIs, my panel which working fine, has suddenly stopped working and it gets stuck on loading

At first I thought it might be due to some api taking forever, but that it also not the case. I checked query inspector and I could see all queries and their data frames response

So I though it could be due to transformations - I tried to hide all transformation but it still doesn’t work.

I inspected the browser console and I can see this error message, but I have no clue how to solve it ?

@yesoreyeram Let me know if you got any clue, could this be an infinity plugin issue ? I have also tried upgrading the plugin to latest version but it is still the same.

Can someone help me here please, I am trying to figure this out, but got no clue so far.

cc @yosiasz

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Test your api using postman or insomnia and see if it works there

It works there and it works in grafana too, otherwise you won’t see the stats

Try a different browser
Upgrade grafana

Grafana is updated I guess, same result in other browsers as well

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 12.42.31 PM

@adityavermamanit - Try different things such removing all the transformations (not just hiding), create a query from scratch on a new dashboard or click the error message in the brower console to see where your error is originating. It is very hard for anyone to tell what’s going on with your API response.

If nothing helpful, post the response from your api and the dashboard json for others to reproduce the issue.

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There are 46 queries, so adding them one by one to another dashboard is really tedious, but what I have done is make sure each query is returning response after transformation.

If you go to Data panel of query inspector, you can choose one query at a time, apply or remove transformations → for each query I have made sure there is a result after transformation in each case.

I think it must be an environmental issue. In the past you have posted similar issues with queries taking unusually long time. I would chuck this to something in your environment and not grafana nor infinity plugin.


I am using Grafana Cloud, so changing the browser would change the environment I guess, but it is a cloud instance so independent of my local environment, I don’t think its environment related, you can see error stack trace in console output which appears for this panel only and not other panels

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No, those are two different things

  1. The issue could be something in the cloud environment
  2. Or issue could be a browser issue.
  1. What can I do here ?
  2. Have tried different browsers so I think we can void this

Install same version of grafana locally ( a different environment), and install the problematic dashboard and see if it works locally

This helps rule out the cloud issue if same issue exists locally