V8.1 HTML Sanitize Config Flag

Using v8.1.2 on OS X installed with homebrew.

I am trying to use a script frame in a Text panel. I have changed my grafana.ini file to show “disable_sanitize_html = true.”

However, the panel still only shows text. Any ideas?

Hmmmm…It seems like you did what you needed to do to the .ini file. I am not familiar with Homebrew or OSX, but perhaps there is a container or place where an environment variable must be set, as explained in this post?

I added that variable as true, but I shouldn’t need to since my installation was with Homebrew.

I can’t even get this simple script to show correctly (it just shows text).

Any other ideas?

Never mind… I found a “defaults.ini” file in a different folder. Changed those flags and that worked.