How to add HTML Code in Grafana 7

Hello guys!

I have been having trouble upgrading from Grafana 6 to 7! I have currently trying to upgrade to the newer version and I did come up with some issues where I am not able to display any HTML anymore. See the attached image:

<br />
<table style="border: none;">
    <tr style="border: none;">
        <td style="border: none;">
            <select id="kw-type" name="kw-type" class="btn navbar-button gf-timepicker-nav-btn" style="width: 130px;">
                <option value="positive">POSITIVE</option>
                <option value="negative">NEGATIVE</option>
        <td style="border: none;">
            <input type="text" id="kw-keyword" name="kw-keyword" class="btn navbar-button gf-timepicker-nav-btn" style="text-align: left;" />
        <td colspan="2" style="border: none; text-align: center;">
                    class="btn navbar-button gf-timepicker-nav-btn"
                    Add to watchlist

and it worked fine when I had it in Grafana 6 but now as you can see it only displays the code now.

I wonder how I can add HTML Code in grafana like I had it in 6 before :’(

Hi @barryaljawari

This still works. Here is your html code on my local instance running Grafana 8.0.2:

There was a lot of work done on the Text Panel between Grafana 6 and 7.

Have you set disable_sanitize_html to true in your configurations? You need to do that starting with v7:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 "GF_PANELS_DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML=true" grafana/grafana:8.0.2


The default is false because this setting leaves you more exposed to XSS attacks (see PR for larger discussion)