Status of disable_sanitize_html does not change

  • I am using Grafana 9.0.1

  • I am trying to embed iframe inside Text panel for loading external web content in Grafana dashboard.

  • I am following the official documentation and How to set disable_sanitize_html to true.

  • I have set the value true and uncommented this live as well but the value of this parameter under setting section in web interface shows that it is set to false.

  • I was expecting to view a web content instead I was seeing html in the form of text.

  • I have attached the images for evidence.


  • I did not receive any error in grafana logs.

Can anybody help me in this regards?


I think you made a typo

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@grant2 I am so sorry for this stupid question. I have made a blunder :frowning:
Thanks for pointing out it.

Problem solved.