"Iframe" upload failed

Until version 5.4.3 of Grafana I was able to load a code containing “iframe”, where I loaded an external url.

As of version 6.0.0 was no longer possible.
The code is loaded as plain text.

I have tried several forms, but it seems that the interpretation of codes was limited to some strings.

Is there another way to make it work?

Below the code I am using:

<div class = "scroll">
<iframe style = "border: 0;" src = "http://www.htechrecover.com.br/" width = "2000px" height = "2000px" frameborder = "0" scrolling = "yes"> </ iframe>
</ div>

Thanks for listening. Hug.


Many thanks for the feedback.
In my “grafana.ini” there was no “disable_sanitize_html” option.

So, the result was the same, it does not load the code.

I am using a latest version of Grafana 6.1.0

;enable_alpha = false

If set to true Grafana will allow script tags in text panels. Not recommended as it enable XSS vulnerabilities.

;disable_sanitize_html = true

Hi, you just have to add this new line to [panels] and delete the “;”

;enable_alpha = false
disable_sanitize_html = true

Wow, what a lack of attention from me.

Worked perfectly.

Thank you very much for your attention and help.
@maximiliano @torkel