Loading external content into grafana panel

I am looking for a way to embed this website into a grafana panel.


Any help much appreciated, thanks.


You can use Grafana’s standard “Text” panel. Set Display->Mode->HTML in panel settings and add <iframe src="http://your.external.web.page.url"></iframe> in panel content editor.

Source : Embedding a website in a Grafana dashboard - Stack Overflow

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

Thanks for your help, but that is not working for me on Grafana 7.3.6

Did you change the display to html ?

Yes you should see it in the screenshot above


You should change this parameter on your config file :

disable_sanitize_html = true

Good Luck

Ok just changed it in grafana.ini

then restarted
service grafana-server restart

but still the same result, hmmm. Thanks anyway

Maybe someone can reproduce this “issue”. Should be quite easy to do.