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I searched and couldnt find a solution. We have a new install of Grafana setup and created some generic dashboards. We are trying to use a text box to show some external alerts from another monitoring system. We added a text box, changed the mode to html and added an iFrame. The issue is nothing appears inside the iframe. No authentication or anything is needed for the page and nothing fancy. Just a simple html table. I tried other websites but cannot get the iFrame to work. Is there a security setting or something I need to change?

Grafana v5.2.4
debian 9

Think you need to set the width and height of the iframe.

I am having a similar problem.
I am using the example code here
All I get back is the same text/code instead of rendered html page. See screenshot below

Am I doing something wrong?

  • Grafana v6.0.1 (0c44a04)
    Raspberry Pi : Linux raspberrypi 4.9.35-v7+ #1014 SMP Fri Jun 30 14:47:43 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

Same problem for me.

The iframe works fine in Grafana v4.2.0, but not in v6.0.0 (RHEL)…


I would appreciate any hint how to solve this issue, because including an iframe is a crucial feature for us and I don’t want to downgrade to an older version.

I found the solution, it’s in the docs.

If set to true Grafana will allow script tags in text panels. Not recommended as it enable XSS vulnerabilities. Default is false. This settings was introduced in Grafana v6.0.

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I am having the same issue, I have this in my grafana.ini, it seems like its not overriding the default config, even though --config=/etc/grafana/grafana.ini
disable_sanitize_html = true
allow_embedding = true
cookie_samesite = none

grafana is deployed in kubernetes