Using Grafana for status site

Hi colleagues!
I have a task which seems very simple, so there should be an easy solution for this in Grafana, but I cannot find it.
So we have bunch of microservices and want to have a site like which will show me green on red for several components.
Since we already use Prometheus+Grafana for host machines monitoring, I’d like to reuse them for my task too, but cannot find anywhere any similar cases, so decided to ask community.

My idea was to just export some boolean (True-up, False-down) value from /metrics API in all my services, let Prometheus collect it, and Grafana draw me a dashboard like
Unfortunately I can’t find such data type in Prometheus (I don’t need counters and gauges), and I also cannot see anything for this in Grafana.
If this is possible, may be u could give me some hints?
Thanks a lot!

@evgenkoval Welcome to the Grafana forum.

Your link above does not seem to work. Can you show a screenshot or mockup of what you are hoping to do?

I was surprised there is not something specific for this kind of thing in Grafana. I wanted to monitor the (up/down) status of network devices. In then end I ended up using the Bar gauge panel which works well for me - it shows a number of devices and a bar/status against each one. A green bar and green “UP” text or red empty bar and red “DOWN” text.

See here for an example/details:

I combine those sorts of panels with a single larger red/green Stat panel showing total alerts so when I look at my dashboard I can easily see for example 3 things are down and the bar guages show me exactly what those things are.

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Your link above does not seem to work. Can you show a screenshot or mockup of what you are hoping to do?

It’s not supposed to. I meant I want site similar to status site of any well-known service.
Like or

It depends what you need from your status page. IMHO Grafana is not good option for serious status page (serious = subscriptions, notifications, …).

I guess that’s also a reason why Grafana Labs don’t use Grafana for their Grafana status page :smiley:
I guess they use Statuspage features | Atlassian | Atlassian, but there is plenty options - good start is GitHub - ivbeg/awesome-status-pages: Awesome list of status page open source software, services and public status pages of major internet companies