How to use the Status Panel with Prometheus?


I am trying to use the status panel in order to show multiple servers and metrics from Prometheus. Based on that value, would like the panel to be a different color. Like a health status dashboard to give an overview of anything “red”.

I’m following Status Panel plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

I have a simple Prometheus query that displays one value, and it works with the singlestat panel without issue, but I’m not able to make it work with the status panel. Is there an example of the panel options for the status panel ? With this single query, I can choose other visualizations like single stat, graph, text, polystat and it works immediately. But when I select “Status Panel”, there is no output in the dashboard.

I’ve tried putting the “Alias” on the Status Panel Options to be the same as the “Legend” in the Query options, but no luck getting anything to display

Did you ever solve this? I’m trying to use the status panel as well but just can’t get it to work for multiple hosts.

I can’t comment on the status panel but some third-party panels are not well supported or updated for newer versions of Grafana.

If you want a simple up/down or similar status panel you could consider using the default Grafana bar gauge panel. Not the same look as the status panel but it works for me to get a quick summary view of what is up or down, see here for screenshot and details. Although the screenshot does not actually show any DOWN but it’s very obvious when things are down as the DOWN text goes red etc.

I combine those panels with a Stat panel showing the number of things down across different sites, so if 2 things are down I get a big red Stat panel with “2” in it and then I can see from the bar gauges exactly what is down.

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