Status panel for prometheus instances - HOW?

I’m having a prometheus metrics which can only take the values 0 or 1 and I would need to create a status panel showing a green tile for each instance having the value 1 and, accordingly, a red tile for 0.

As an example see the following prometheus query:

How would I define a Grafana panel showing 1 red tile (for the instance “”) and 8 green tiles, based on this prometheus metric called “check_salt_complete”?

E.g. using GitHub - Vonage/Grafana_Status_panel: A panel plugin for Grafana to monitor multiple parameters at once

hi @rasstef

This is very achievable with Grafana. But to give you the clearest guidance: what version of Grafana are you using?

you can use value mappings to map colors and text strings to specific values: