Status Panel with Prometheus

Is anyone using Status Panel with a Prometheus data source? I can’t seem to get it to display my query results. The same query works on a single status panel, and as far as i can tell there seems to be an issue with the plugin properly recognising the data source. Just curious if anyone out there is doing this already before i dig into the plugin code itself.

Just did a quick test and it seems to work with Prometheus. I think the Legend Format field has to match the alias field on the options tab.

Ahh the legend field! That was it!! Thanks so much, I knew I was missing something obvious


Care to share / export that graph ?

Mine is really simple. Here is the metrics tab:

Here is the options tab. The Alias field is the important one:

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When I try to use Status Panel w Prometheus, on the Options tab I only see the top 4 panels (Panel Options thru Other Options). I don’t see anything related to the alias (e.g. “ALERTS” in daniellee’s example from previous discussion). As near as I can tell, all of my settings are identical to daniellee’s example . What am I missing?
Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Uh never mind – I think I figured out my issue. I was only working with one metric. When I added a second metric, THEN I saw the fields on the Option tab for that second metric. Same with the third and so on. Not sure why the first metric never shows. But as long as I have a dummy first metric, everything after that works fine.