Need help with Server Status dashboard(New to grafna)

Hello all, so i am kind of new to Grafana and its my first post here so please be gentle

i have four PCs in my home that i monitoring with telegraph, so far so good
i added a plugin

address = “localhost:8080”
protocol = “tcp”
read_timeout = “5s”
timeout = “5s”

also working great i can see data in chronograf as excepted in table form

so i am asking here what is the way to display this in Grafna ,
can anyone give me an example dashboard that uses the same values or something like this?
i just want to know if the server is up or not, no time series needed

maybe something like this?

  • i was not able to find an example to this plugin with influx…
  • i am not sure how to display up or down … i have different values
  • i am not sure what is the right query , selectors i need

i had a lot of success with graphs, here i cannot find the right way please help! :slight_smile: