Grafana 7 not displaying any graph

my influx is collecting metrics
grafana reads metrics but doesn’t display them as a graph

how can i solve this


Try to display graph by point. On your server, can you see if you have correct timestamp.


yes i do i have a problem with graph only !
even my multistat that i made using prometheus datasource inorder to display ssl expiry couldn’t show anything

i can’t click on edit too

any suggestions for this problem???

Do you get some useful output of the db query? Any data in ‘inspect -> data’ ?

On my own pc it’s working good and it’s showing the graphs
but in some computers while openning the dashboard it’s just show the legend without any graph

Do you use the same browser ans version on all computer ?

Yes google chrome last update

The only thing I can see about this problem, you don’t have de same configuration on grafana servers. Do some check.

I am using one server
I just access from a different device and with the same version of chrome browser but i got that problem of graph not showing

Ok, which devices do you use ?

You can try something on all devices :

  1. Open you browser
  2. Log to you grafana server
  3. Select a dashboard
  4. Use debugger mode on your browser (if you use Google Chrome press F12)
  5. Go to nework tab and compare the results of devices OK VS devis KO

And timestamp of all devices are the same ? It’s very important to check this.