Solved - Almost there - Everything Installed Fine - But No Data Showing In Graphs

Here is my setup:
Everything is running in a ubuntu VM -
Docker 20.10.5 API 1.41
InfluxDB 1.5.4
Telegraf 1.7.1
Grafana 5.2.2

Everything is installed. I’m able to see the Measurements available to me. If I look in the InfluxDB I can see they are being populated (e.g. CPU)

I setup the datasource in Grafana and that configuration save with no errors.

When I go to the next step (New dashboard) and select Graph, I get an empty Graph - No Data.

I’d appreciate some guidance what to do to troubleshoot this. I’ve searched around this forum and didn’t find anything that helped. Thank you in advance.

It looks like you got the connection working. Now we just need to see your query in Grafana.
Please paste the text of the query you have written in Grafana to query your Influx DB.

@grant2 thanks for responding.

Well it appears that I can’t see a Query Editor anywhere.
Here’s a couple of screenshots with no QE in evidence.

Click New Panel (this button is visible in your second screenshot). You should see something like that shown below. Then we need to build the query of your Influx data. To get that, can you give us an idea of what your data looks like in Influx (screenshot or small sample of the table you wish to view in Grafana)?

@grant2 The new panel text in the second screenshot is not a button. The only possible actions are ADD and PASTE, or selecting one of the 9 objects listed.

If I close that panel and click on the add panel button at the upper right hand side it just takes me back to the exact same place shown in the 2nd picture.

OK (I see from the screenshots we are using different versions of Grafana, but no worries). The panel choices you see (Graph, SingleStat, Table, etc.) represent the way that Grafana will display your Influx data. How do you want to view it?

Like this? or like this? Or this? or something else?

Since I’m new at this I was going to start as simply as possible - just a simple line graph. When I click on that I get what you see in the first image I shared. If I can something simple working, I can always add more complexity.

I was following a tutorial shared on that combines Organizr, its various add-ons, plus using InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana for more IT focused dashboard elements. As a result I’m using earlier versions of the Grafana software. I can also try updated those too.

Is there a menu under the words “Panel Title” that says Edit?

@grant2 thanks for your assistance. I just blew all of Grafana away and did a fresh install of the latest version. I now appear to have a query editor. I’ll work on that and see it goes.

Just looping back in to wrap this up. I’ve gotten a couple of simple panels working and with some study and work should be able to make some real progress.

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