No data points on Grafana with InfluxDB


I’m using Grafana and InfluxDB for icinga2, and the Graphs are displayed very well in Icinga2 itself.

But on my Grafana Web-Interface I don’t see any data on the Graphs on all of my importet dashboards. There are just no data points visible, and I’m not able to choose from the dropdown-menu for hosts etc. See the attached screenshot of one of my used dashboards:

My settings in Grafana are as followed:

The Icinga2-Default dashboard is also only showing one emtpy graph instead of the many that are visible in my Icinga2-environment.

I do see data inside influx itself, and it’s also displayed in Icinga2 so InfluxDB is working correctly, but the connection between Grafana and InfluxDB isn’t as it seems.

Can anyone help me on this?


HI @Sil3nce

First things first:

Have you gone to the datasources section in Grafana and tested your influx datasource?

I had a similar “No Data” problem earlier with MySQL database.

Was advised by a colleague to configure the panel, i.e. set the Relative Time Range by clicking the up arrow in the Top Right area. After setting the time range, the graphs appeared just fine.

Hope this helps.

Yeah I tested it, and it works just fine

Thansk for your advice, I will test it out as soon as possible

Sorry to disturb you again, but what exactly do you mean by that? The “last 6 hours” button? Because I tried to change that to another value, but it didn’t change anything.

Yes, click the “last 6 hours” button and change it to a date range like 1 year ago.

It depends on the timestamps in your data. Were they within 24 hours, 1 month or longer ago?

I tried that out, but sadly nothing changed. I’m collecting data with influxDB since uhm 2-3 months. My Icinga2-Monitoring shows it accurate, so I still guess that something in my connection between grafana and influxDB isn’t right.

Just in case, a screenshot of my hostalive-query. When I did that, I realized that after some time of inscpecting, the select query changes from “hostalive” to “users” without any reasons. Could it be important somehow?


Are you able to query any data at all? Maybe try the table panel and see if you can pull in any data from influx into grafana using a very simple query?

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Ah I think see now where this is going, thanks for the hint. Didn’t really think about that to be honest. I am able to create a simple query, see the screenshot below.

I then tried to edit one of my importet dashboards and entered a valid name for the variable $hostname$, and the data shows as expected. But I need this variable to display the different hosts, same goes for the service-variable.

Any suggestions why it doesn’t import my hosts and services? As said I’m not able to select from the dropdown menu on top-left of the screen for different hosts etc either.

Do you maybe know why I’m not able to use the defined variables in my queries? As the above screenshot confirms, a normal and simple query works like a charm.