Grafana can't display data from Influxdb


I am trying to display data from influxdb. Sample data in influxdb like:

select * from semi_log where “host”=‘lgcy-a-db-5-sn’ limit 1
name: semi_log
time host level myint path semi_sync

2019-04-18T11:50:01Z lgcy-a-db-5-sn Note 380 /var/log/mysql/mysql-semi-sync_logwatch.log 0

But in the Grafana nothing shows up:

I was testing this and before it can display something but now it doesn’t work.
I am running out of mind.

I note that the sample you show has a timestamp of 11:50 but that time is not within the graph range. Are you sure there is data in the db for the timerange you are showing?
If you believe there is then select the query and click Query Inspector. That will show you whether your query is returning any data.

Thank you for responding.
The version we are using thus there is no inspector tool.
/usr/sbin/grafana-server -v
Version 4.2.0 (commit: 349f3eb)

This is sample data in influxdb:

This is how it displayed in grafana:

I don’t know how it displayed like that. And it doesn’t display the data for Apr18.
And for Apr19, there is no data in the influxdb however it got displayed in the Grafana.
I am totally confused.

Now I understand why it looks like that. I have to zoom in to see details. And after I changed the timezone to UTC. The time matched to Influxdb.

Thanks for the help