Data do not appear in grafana; but my influxdb datasource is correct

Hi, it is honestly only the 2nd time I use grafana.
I first send data to telegraf in influxdb line format , i.e. a string with tagset, fieldset, datetime and measurement name.
Then telegraf send this data to influxdb. I see the correct data in the influxdb database.
Then, when I start grafana-server, login the GUI, and configure the influxdb datasource for the right database, it is written in green that this datasource is correct.
But: when I want to add a dashboard, there is no data in the graphics. it’s empty.
The question is : why ? and how can I properly see my graphics ?

A special point: the time format in the influxdb database is UNIX time [in ns]. Is it a problem in grafana ?

influxdb: version 1.8

Many thanks by advance !

That’s up to the query you use.
What do you see in your visuals? a string like “no data” or an error of some sort?

Is the query built manually or using the interface?

Yes I was seeing only a string saying “no data”. Thank you for your response.

Finally I found the problem: It was in the time format. My data were in the 1970’s because of a silly mistake I have done during the conversion in Unix time…
And then I had to take the time shift into consideration (UTC vs local time) otherwise my data serie appeared 4 hours in the future and i was still seeing nothing !
Appropriate time format + right time query ==> no more problem

Hi Fglacoste,
Actually I am facing similar issue, database connected, but no bucket seen when it comes to dashboard creation. Where did you change time format, in Grafana or in Influxdb? Br.