Data shows in Chronograf but not Grafana

I have seen several recent and near identical posts(with no solution) to mine here as well as on reddit. I was hopping to almost bump this as so to speak. I am a novice linux guy and got Chronograf to work with Influx and Telegraf. When I try to add the same working Influx DB to Grafana I get no data. They were all the newest versions and downloaded per directions on their respective sites. Influx, Grafana and Chronograf are all on the same host.

I am using the same DB username, ports and passwords between the two programs.
Influx data shows up just fine in chronograf
The connection is the same for Grafana
I tried it with and without “basic auth.”
But I get no data in grafana
Query inspector
Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Please post any ideas or thoughts. What are you thinking? Thank you for your time and help!

The query in the query editor and the query in the query inspector are different. Is your measurement really called “measurement” like in the screenshot for the query inspector?

  • Do the dropdowns work? Can you choose different measurements?

  • Are the raw queries in Chronograf the same as the ones in Grafana?

You should be able to copy the query from Chronograf into Grafana (use toggle edit mode in the query editor to get raw mode) and then replace :interval: with time($__interval):

It wasn’t! Thank you thank you thank you!! You helped me figure it out. I appreciate it more than you know!