How to properly display up/down status?


I am using Grafana with Prometheus.
My problem is that I want to monitor a lot of hosts.
I would like to properly display UP and DOWN status, with the name of each host.
Prometheus gives a simple command : “up”.
I tested with 4 hosts, and this is what I got :
The left panel is pretty ugly and take too much time to clearly show a down status.
The right panel is much visual, but doesn’t show which host is up or down !

I am looking for a panel that could display these status with their hostname.

There is maybe a solution for the right panel in it’s configuration:
Maybe I could use the prefix/suffix. But I don’t know how.

Could someone help me?

Thank you!

IMHO gauge panel is not the best option to visualize boolean values (up/down in your case). Try If you need also time dimension

Anyway, you can choose&try any panel

Thank you, it is better now.

Note for those who will read later : after installed a panel plugin, reload the web interface, otherwise the plugin will apear in the plugin list but not in the panel list.

Hey, how can i use this plugin with ALL option variable? Instead of creating one by one. When i used $HOSTS variable it just named my panel "“All” instead of naming the squares correctly.

As you can see, table view display correctly but the actual panel just display a green square with the name ALL. ._.