Update min. max. in legend

Hello everybody,

i have a mysql table where the values from an outside temperature sensor are stored.



The problem is that the values in the legend of the Graph do not adjust according to the selected time period. The min./max.avg. of all data is displayed.

How can I configure, so that the values adjust depending on the selected time period?


Hello and welcome to the forums. What version are you using?

thanks for welcome :grinning:

i am using a Grafana v7.5.3

[quote=“jump2021, post:3, topic:45804”]
i am using a Grafana v7.5.3
can you downgrade ?

@jump2021 I’m fairly sure that the problem is that you have no time filter on your query. This means that the whole table is queried by Grafana regardless of the time range you’ve selected - meaning that Grafana is showing you the Min and Max over all time. You need to add Macro: $__timeFilter as part of the WHERE clause. Check out the examples in MySQL | Grafana Labs.

It has nothing to do with the Grafana version as long as you’re using a recent one; @habib1 is sending you on a wild goose chase.

@ svetb, thanks for your reply.

i read the “MySQL | Grafana Labs”-Examples, but i don´t exactly understand what i have to do
now in my case.
Could you help me?

please prove this offenive statement or dont comment! i flaged this to be deleted

Got it @jump2021 - I think this is what you need: on the line with the WHERE clause (where you currently have id=4 in your screenshot) click on the “+” button on the right to add a condition. The $__timeFilter condition should appear in the drop down - select that.

If you check out the screencast video just under MySQL | Grafana Labs you can see the time filter condition being applied in that user’s video. Hope that helps.

helo jump did you try to downgrade ? please try it and we will see how to proceed

@habib1 you are right, I shouldn’t have judged the intent of your statement. Perhaps you have a genuine desire to help.

However, a large proportion of your posts appears to fall into one of the following categories:

  • Randomly asking people to upgrade/downgrade Grafana or other parts of their system, without any indication of why that might help resolve their issue (example in this thread, as well as one, two, three)
  • Insisting that people should answer questions or take actions that don’t appear to have any relevance to the topic (example one, two, three)
  • Authoritatively telling people that what they want to do is not possible even when that’s not true (example one, two, three)
  • Wanton criticism/borderline abuse directed at people who have genuine questions they’d like to discuss (example one, two)

I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, and there are certainly situations where your participation is helpful. But based on the above observations, it’s hard for me to feel that your intention here is to be constructive. Therefore my comment.

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i found a soulution/example in the iobroker forum.

when i change the SQL-Query in Grafana to:

ts/1000 as time_sec,
val as value,
“Temp” as metric
FROM ts_number
WHERE __unixEpochFrom() * 1000 < ts and __unixEpochTo() * 1000 > ts and id = 4

it works :grinning:

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Huh yeah @jangaraj, the resemblance is uncanny. @samcoren, might be worth taking a look?

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