CPU load panel upside down - how to reverse or invert

Hello, does anyone know how to reverse the CPU load graph so it looks more… hmmm, upright? I can’t seem to figure it out. In the attached image, I would like for the red (activity) to be on the bottom. Example query would be much appreciated!

Here’s what I have in the metrics section:

sum by (mode) (rate(wmi_cpu_time_total{alias=~"$server"}[5m])) * 100

Anyone? No matter what I try with the “Add series override” and the Transform negative Y I can’t get it to change :frowning: I forgot to mention I am using Prometheus.

thats important information. with this its not possible

Thanks @habib1, very interesting. Do you know why this is? Is there a better one to use? Influx? Graphite? Seems weird with such a seemingly robust system that it isn’t possible. FINALLY stumbled across something that looks promising but haven’t finished watching it yet. In the beginning he does show a CPU usage graph that looks like anyone would hope for and expect (Grafana Dashboard📊: Monitor CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Traffic Using Prometheus and Node Exporter - YouTube).

yes you can use influx (instable)

Why instable influx?

Finally figured it out. @habib1 I don’t know why you thought it wasn’t possible – you didn’t share any relative or helpful information (in either of your posts). I’ll attach my query and visualization images to this post to help anyone out with this issue. If you don’t have aliases set up, replace alias=“file01” with instance=“” (or whatever IP address your server is).

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@dborchert you could have shared the details earlier than you would have got a better response

@habib1 what do you mean? You mean if I had provided the one detail I forgot, which was the fact I was using Prometheus, I would have got a better response than “thats important information. with this its not possible” ??? Meaning, if I had posted that in my original question you would have told me that it WAS in fact possible?

Wow. And LOL, no you wouldn’t have because you didn’t know and now you’re just pretending to be smarter than you are. You remind me of J.P. in Grandmas Boy. Thanks for the laugh.

Habib1, please work on your politeness.



Politeness aside, I’m pretty sure that 99% of habib1’s posts are just trolling. This seems like a pretty weird/niche forum for that kind of thing, but hey, who am I to judge.

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