Dashboard Titles are high

Hello, I am having trouble with a new instance of Grafana. I say new because I just installed it on a ubuntu linux machine, logged in for the first time, went to the lovely default Home dashboard

Clicked the lovely “Remove this Panel” link so that the default welcome Dashboard now looks like this:

[Insert a picture of that part gone that I’m not allowed to upload because I’m a new user]

And now the Dashboards that I have added the titles and the buttons at the top is about half a cm higher than it should be.

Is this a big deal, well, yes, because it’s off. And wrong. And I can’t delete Grafana and start over because I don’t know how to get rid of the webpage portal part. And I certainly can’t adjust the title to be lower. And the main way to switch between Dashboards is to click the title of the Dashboard, leaving me with coming here to help with this issue.

hello please change your forum name first thank you.
and please tell what garafana version you use, then i can help you!


Ok great thanks!
What do you need me to change my forum name to?
And where do I go to find the version of Grafana I’m using? I can either use the cli or your web portal. Thank you.

To find your Grafana version, click the question mark on Grafana’s main left-hand menu. It will be at the bottom of the UI.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 3.12.45 PM

By the way, what version are you using? And could you share any more details about your setup that might have contributed to a rendering glitch, like your browser and its version? Could this be interference from a browser extension or something? I tried to quickly recreate this on Chrome and Firefox but I wasn’t able.

Hi Matt! Thanks for the helpful response.
The version I am using is:

  • Grafana v7.5.2 (ca413c612f)

And you are absolutely correct! I should have tested other browsers before posting. I was using Safari, Version 13.1.2 (14609., which of course if supported is understandably least supported. When I use the same dashboard in Chrome the Dashboard titles have proper clearance!

What’s weird though is I have a different VM running the same Dashboard, also from Ubuntu, but the Grafana version is older! And it works on there. * Grafana v7.4.5 (8a2c78d3f8)

So it could be my version, it could also be that I broke something, related with closing that banner… I don’t understand how Grafana works obviously. But I do know that this at least probably explains it.

To habib1: if I change my screen name, can I change it to habib2? :slight_smile:

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