Always select newest Value for Query variable

I’m using a query variable on my dashboard which selects some timestamps from the database.
The table grows with time and new timestamps will be inserted

It’s configured to refresh on dashboard load

This results in the following dropdown when the dashboard is refreshed after a new timestamp is inserted but it doesn’t select the newest value in the list
(i inserted a dummy entry for the screenshot so just ignore the actual value of the newest entry)
What i need is that the first timestamp on this list is selected when opening the dashboard without query parameters

Is that possible?

I did read the documentation for templates and variables but couldn’t find anything about it

Edit: I edited my question as it was written really bad

Hello weneg, sorry to dissapoint you but RTFM, your question is so trivial that i would not accept it and treat it as waste of our all time. thank you for cooperation and please accept my answer as solution and lear from your mistake.