Unable to utilize `&__feature.autoMigrateOldPanels=true` when migrating away from angular plugins

Hello! I am in the process of migrating our Grafana instance to not use the legacy Angular graphs. I am using Grafana Cloud @ Grafana v11.0.0-67429 (086e60488f) . I am following this guide. When trying to utilize &__feature.autoMigrateOldPanels=true in my browser’s URL, it does not seem to have any effect. Most (if not all) of our legacy graphs are supported for automatic migration—the majority of ours are using “Graph (old)” which would mean we’re fine with using “Time Series” as the migration target. Can someone advise on something I may be doing wrong? We have a lot of plugins across many dashboards that are affected, so this would save me a ton of time if this query parameter worked for me. Thanks!

Hi @rkoval - thanks for raising. There’s an issue we just became aware of with that particular method where it will only work on development instances. We are working on a way to toggle this via a banner warning in dashboards, and I will edit that guide tomorrow to remove this incorrect advice. In the meantime, if you raise a support ticket and request to enable the feature toggle autoMigrateOldPanels then our support team will be able to assist.

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Thanks for the quick response! Regarding this:

We are working on a way to toggle this via a banner warning in dashboards

Do you expect this will be soon / within next week or so? If not, yeah, sounds like me opening a support ticket is the best course of action

I’m hopeful we’ll be able to get it out fairly shortly, but its not something I could guarantee. It also depends on what would be better for you, the URL approach you originally attempted is scoped to an individual dashboard and is good for testing things out before saving the migration manually.

The banner warning approach we are trying to deliver in the same manner.

Enabling the feature toggle will apply it for all dashboards at once (again you’d need to go and save for the new plugin ID to persist in the dashboard.json)

We would definitely prefer to manually verify before saving, so sounds like either the URL approach or banner warning approach would work best for us. I’ll just check back in 2-3 weeks to see what the status is. Thanks!

Just to be clear - with changing the feature flag - it still requires a save of the dashboard to persist it (and even if persisted you could restore previous dashboard version).

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doing the following in a url on a developer env should work ?

Hey @davidharris! Happy Friday! Do you happen to have any update here? Thanks!

Hey @rkoval here’s a link to the the work in progress PR - AngularMigration: Allow dashboard by dashboard migration by adela-almasan · Pull Request #84100 · grafana/grafana · GitHub there was more to it that we’d hoped… However, I believe the original method to try it (appending URL) may now work as we’ve removed the need for that to be on Dev-only instances

Closing the loop here: I was able to go through all of our dashboards using the banner that now displays for auto-migration! The button on that banner seemingly just appends the &__feature.autoMigrateOldPanels=true to the current dashboard’s URL, but that now works and I was able to successfully do this. Thanks for the help here!