Update Multiple Panels on the Database

I have been using UNPOLLER Grafana templates for some years now without any hassles. Even with upgrades to Grafana there have been no issues.
Now, after the last upgrade I see that there are a number of plugins that will be deprecated.

The affected plugins are all related to two types of Visualizations.

  1. Table (Old)

and 2. Graph (Old)

The issue that I have is that there are some 200 panels that need to be manually changed from Table(Old) to Table and Graph (Old to Time Series.
Is there a way to mass update all the panels on the database? Or do I have to do it one by one, panel by panel?

The second issue that I face is that some of the affected panels are not editable. When selecting the 3 dots I am not given an option to edit the panel.
How can I change the plugins for these panels?

Thanks in advance

You can try:

And of course backup before to be safe.