Unable to load TLS certificate

I’m getting the following error when trying to setup a “Personal” cloud-hosted grafana instance.

“Unable to load TLS certificate”

I have set up a reverse proxy which points to an internal InfluxDB server and verified client cert authentication works correctly, but I get this error when trying to load the certs into grafana.

I can provide more config information if necessary, anybody have a similar setup already working?

Note: Client TLS cert (for mutual TLS connection) is not the same type of cert as a server TLS cert (Grafana cert).

Correct, I’m not trying to add a TLS cert for clients connecting to the cloud instance of Grafana. I’m trying to add a client TLA cert for my Grafana data source, so it can authenticate itself to my instance of InfluxDb.

OK, your problem is related to datasource TLS client auth configuration.
How did you configure it?
How did you test TLS client auth from command line?
Did you use your own CA or selfsigned cert?
Did you use PEM format?

While I was working on answering your questions, I got it working.
I was having issues because the client private key was encrypted, once I removed the encryption everything started working.

Thanks for you help.