Elasticsearch error: Unable to load TLS certificate


I have seen this in an old post “Unable to load TLS certificate”, but that did not have any solutions. So posting here again.

I have the latest Grafana version 9.0.2. I am adding Elasticsearch datasource and I get “Elasticsearch error: Unable to load TLS certificate”.

My Elasticsearch is 8.3.2. I am able to push logs into ES through fluentd successfully with TLS, but I am having trouble viewing the logs on Grafana due to this issue.

I have Basic Auth and TLS Auth enabled. I have given login, password for Basic Auth and the CA Cert for the TLS Auth (The same CA Cert works to push logs from fluentd). When I save the Datasource config, I get the error pasted above.

I am able to view the logs on Kibana connecting to the same ES container.

Appreciate any help to resolve this issue.