502 Bad Gateway when upgrade Grafana to 4.6.0 from 4.5.2

As soon as I upgrade I get “Templating init failed: Bad Gateway (502)”. I can see that InfluxDB is running and there are LOTS of open connections from Grafana to Influx

InfluxDB version is 1.3.7-1 Using the grafana Ubuntu repository.

Does your grafana to influxdb connection use tls? Do you have many alert rules?

It does, but nothing has changed about that connection and it’s always worked since it was set up.

I have no alert rules, I only us it for visualisation right now.

Are you using a self-signed certificate? There is a new TLS auth option, “Skip TLS Verification(Insecure)” for data sources:


TLS verification is now enabled per default.

That’d do it! Thanks.

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