Unable to get more than one Gradient gauge in a Table


I’m trying to build a table panel which give me an overview of all containers running in my network.
I want to visualize some metrics (Uptime, CPU, RAM) as a gradient gauge where the gauge would be filled according to the percentage of the value vs the maximum one. It seems I cannot get more than one gauge working in a single panel.

As you can see below, the gauge is working as expected for the Memory usage but not for the CPU and the Uptime.

What convinced me something is wrong is that I had the gauge working properly for the Uptime and is stopped working as soon as I added a new Prometheus query in the table.

It seems this issue has already been reported but I’m not sure whether it is still considered or not.

Could you please confirm this is a bug and if there is any workaround ?

Thanks in advance

Forgot to mention that I’m using Grafana 9.3.2. I also tried with Grafana 8.5.16 yesterday and encountered the same issue.