TypeError: C.current.editor.onDidChangeMarkers is not a function

Hello, since last week some of my grafana dashboard don’t show metrics anymore. If i click on a panel to edit a query i see “An unexpected error is happened” where I should put the query. When i look at de details it say

“TypeError: C.current.editor.onDidChangeMarkers is not a function”.

TypeError: C.current.editor.onDidChangeMarkers is not a function

at ue (https://mydomain.be/public/build/react-monaco-editor.fab5d6bbd438adca1160.js:1:12022)
at he (https://mydomain.be/public/build/react-monaco-editor.fab5d6bbd438adca1160.js:1:15841)
at _s 

there seems to be a problem with react-monaco-editor.

I’m using Grafana version 8.3.0(914fcedb72) with prometheus exporter on a Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.

Has anyone encountered this problem before and is there a way to fixed it?

At this point i can not modify my dashboards anymore.
I do notice that the alerts continue to work
I did not take any specific action before i noticed the problem.


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Just had the same after upgrading from 8.1.2 to 8.3.3. Figured out it was somehow introduced in 8.2.0.

Luckily opening an incognito window solves the problem, so it seems to be cached data. Cleared the cache of my browser (chrome) and it is working again.

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Edit: Ignore, I think this was a false positive

Note, I had the same issue, but it was more pressing because it was happening with an alert (without a browser session open). However, I opted-in to the new alerting system and it fixed that problem.

Edit: I think it was just alerting for a different reason and I assumed it was associated with this error.

Hello there, I encountered this issue while upgrading from Grafana 8 to Grafana 9.

Thankfully, clearing my cache helped.

Here’s how I did it on Chrome:

More Tools > Remove Navigation Data

Advanced Parameters:

  1. period: all time
  2. uncheck everything except “images and other cached files”

Thanks to @dimslab for raising the issue and @7oku for sharing your fix :slight_smile:

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