Update to Grafana 9 got a error plugins/grafana-clock-panel/module.js

just happen to upgrade to grafana 9.0 and got a error in a Plugin. the error information is then much longer …

An unexpected error happened
TypeError: Object(...) is not a function


I have the exact same problem after upgrading from grafana 8.5.5 to 9.0.0

Same here, any solution?

Please update the clock plugin

I believe we pushed a fix for this. Try upgrading to 9.0.1 and see if it resolves?

I updated the clock panel plugin v2.0.0.
I’m on Grafana v9.0.2.
The clock panel can’t be added to any dashboard anymore.
It does not appear in the list of available panels.

But it should not crash a working panel i belive

9.0.6 i have but still panel crash

Hi @vikozo I made a test running grafana 9 and the latest panel-clock version (v2.1.0) and it is working correctly.

Could you please verify you are running the latest version of the clock panel? The versions previous to 2.1.0 might not be compatible with grafana 9.

yes this
grafana-cli plugins install grafana-clock-panel
did it at the end - Merci.
i did expect it also have been updated with grafana itself ;-(
have a nice day