Timepicker / timenavigation buttons

what about the simple timepicker / time navigation matter ?

there was a post from someone may years ago.

normally, looking at a dashboard, i’d like to see today’s values, and then navigate backward day by day (without changing the time scale, moving from day to week or month)

The current time picker is very complex for the “standard” end-user of the dashboards.

Timepicker buttons panels plugin adds a lot, but the question is: is there any project to add this fundamental aspect to time selection panel ?

thanks in advance
Andrea from Italy

I would also like to have the function of simple forward and backward buttons for the relative time view (today, yesterday, last…). The function exists in principle, but unfortunately, the navigation buttons only appear when an absolute time period is selected (from [timestamp] to [timestamp]). It is also unfortunate that the buttons only shift the current view by half of the currently selected time period (i.e. if 24h are displayed, only 12h are shifted).

Hint: To switch from the relative to the absolute view, you can also simply use the shortcut “t+[left/right arrow]” on the keyboard. This shifts the view forwards or backwards by half of the currently displayed time span. So 2 times “t+[left arrow]” jumps back a whole day when displaying a 24h data set.

thanks, for the answer.

wouldn’t be easy adding new buttons in the bar to navigate ? (to achieve something like what we can reach using the Timepicker Buttons Panel plugin)

How can I contribute to this development ?


@andreabigitechnolog Hi Andrea,
Its only a workaround but maybe this will help you on your way :wink: