Where did the time navigation buttons go?

In older verions of Grafana, next to the time selection menu, there were a couple buttons for navigating forward & backwards in time. In current Grafana (v7), these appear to be missing. Have they moved? Is there some way to get them back?

It’s really annoying trying to skim through the time range having to manually type in a new start/stop date/time.

Hello phemmer, do you mean these buttons:

They are still there. Just select the absolute time range. Such as this in Grafana play.

Ah, thank you I’m somewhat blind it seems :slight_smile:
I pretty much always start from something like “Last X hours”, of which they’re not there (they used to be). Didn’t notice them popping up when switching to an absolute time.

It would be nice if they were there even for relative times like they used to be though. But still, having to manually enter the date/time once is better than nothing.