How do I browse through time in a dashboard more easily?

Hello all,

I am using Grafana 9.0.0 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspbian 64bit) to display various metrics received from InfluxDB and Postgresql. So far everything is working fine except for a few minor details.

One of them is the time picker.
My default timespan is alwas “last 24h” or “Today so far”, i.e. relative times.
When using relative times, the “<” and “>” buttons do not appear, but I would like to be able to shift the timespan to quickly select Yesterday, day before yesterday, etc even then.

Q1: Can I enable these browsing buttons even for absolute timespans? So that e.g. when my timespan is “last 24h” and I press “<”, Grafana will shift 12h (or 24h) into the past?

Q2: Is it maybe even possible to make the time picker part of the dashboard, to quickly select & browse by day, by week, by hour, etc?

Thank you!

Anybody here to help? Maybe some Grafana devs? :cry: