Get link to dashboard with fixed current time (not "now")

Hello. I have a dashboard in grafana that I use for performance monitoring. I would like to get a link to that dashboard with the currently selected time window so that I could put it in my analysis document. The problem is that the link has “from=now”, so if I put it in my doc it would refer to the time someone is reading the document, whereas I would want it to point to the time I am writing the document.

My current work-around is to go into the date picker, manually select the current date and time minus 30 minutes in “From”, then manually select the current date and time in “To”, and then copy the link. I was wondering if there is a button or shortcut I could use to avoid manually selecting the current times.

Found an easy way to do it: highlight a region on any chart on the dashboard, and the URL will be replaced with fixed timestamp.s