Timepicker does not work with dashboard

Greetings to all. My problem is that no matter what time interval I apply (for example, from 01.12.2022 to 12.12.2022), my panel does not change its values by interval. That is, the timepicker just doesn’t work. How to solve this issue ?

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Hi @makhankoviktor

Make sure that you click all the necessary buttons, so that it really submits the time range. If it works, you should see this:

You need to swipe the pc mouse over the dates while holding at the same time…

I hope that solved the problem! :slight_smile:
If not, just contact me, I’ll be glad to help you!


Thank you very much. I understand how to use the dashboard. In my main panel, the values in the time range I set simply do not change

Can you send a screenshot?