This Week and Previous Week

I’m quite new to Grafana and might have missed how to do this.

I’m trying to create three chart panels from the same data (from an influxDB). I would like a chart showing this week, one showing previous week and one showing the full range from the start of the measurements.

I set a custom range from the start date of the measurements to now, but I can’t get the other panels to then show current week and previous week.

I tried setting override relative time to now/w but that just takes a week off from the start of the range.

How should I set the panels up so I can see current week, previous week and entire range all on one dashboard?

OK, made some progress. I set the time range from my custom range to the relative range This Year.

I then set override relative time to 1w to get this week and then set Add time shift to 1w to get last week. But this actually shows this week so far and not this week.

Is there a way to set the overrides to show this week ?