Unable to format week over week graph, large moving gaps

I am using Grafana to much success to provide stats to both agents and management at a service desk…

I know absolute time panels have been discussed in the past though as far as I can tell they have not been realized yet. I am puzzled why as it seems to be the exact feature I am looking for.
Relative just inst working out for me. Please point me in the right direction if I am approaching this the wrong way.

When using the relative time offset I need to use one greater than 1 day to keep the oldest data from falling off the left as the day progresses.
My dataset doesnt include data since midnight so I end up with a big gap on the right that grows throughout the day.

I have one panel showing “yesterday week over week” numbers and another that shows “last week, week over week” numbers. (see below) My goal is to display these on the same dashboard along with other data.

How can I accomplish this while avoiding the extra gaps?
Also, I would love to display just the hours of the day (without the date) on the X axis on the top graph and just the day of week on the second graph though that would be be icing on the cake at this point.

Note, using MSSQL as a datasource

Using a 48 hour relative override gives me the graph above. Much wasted space. :frowning:

A few hours later you can see the bottom graph slowly making its way to the left. It likes the left.