Same dashboard with more relative time panel

Hi, I know that probably this has been asked several times but I’m spending several days trying and searching inside the forum without success.
What I need is display in the same dashboard several panel with data per hour, day and month. I’m able to set it, but only till “now” and starting from 1 “time unit” in the past. What I need is the graphs showing alwasy this x time scale:
daily: from 00.00.00 to 23:59:59
monthly: from 01 to last month’s day (28-29-30 or 31)
yearly: from January to December.
For data I use mysql and time column is timestamp type.
Thanks a lot to all

I’m sorry that I cannot answer your question, but I hope that:

a) there is an answer

b) once we have it, it gets added to the documentation as an example.

This sounds like a very useful facility to me.


I put this question in other forum too, but I got no answer. I don’t believe it is not possible and no one else had and solve this issue