Multiple Time Range in dashboard - Specific day in previous week

Hello all,

I want to create graphs in a dashboard and override the time range for the graphs.
Is there a way to match “previous Monday” or "previous Thursday " in the override section?
Its like “last calendar Monday” without respect for the current time of day.

For example, last Monday could be:

Override relative time “1d”
Add time shift “7d”

but the dashboard should always run on Monday. Additionally, the time doesn’t fit from 00:00 to 23:59 but is shifted according to current time.

Is there a way to match “previous Monday” ?

Thank you

Hi, @amprantino!

There’s no option to select “previous Monday” in the time picker, but you can select “custom time range” and type a query like:


and that’s going to select you Monday of the current week. For Monday of the previous week, use:


You can also deal with it on the panel level. When you set up a graph, you can add the time region (available under visualization -> thresholds & time regions), but it includes a timezone offset. As long as your datasource supports SQL, you can write an appropriate query to cast dates and then group your data by these dates appropriately.

e.g. with postgres:

SELECT current_date - cast(extract(dow from current_date) as int) + 1;

to get the datetime object representing the very beginning of Monday.

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Inline to what was asked in this, do you think what asked in this feasible?

In the meantime I found a similar solution:

Select time: Today
In the graphs Edit > Time Range > Add time shift: 2d/d or 3d/d etc …

Then by selecting Monday (using customer range) I always have the requested day in the graphs.

I am using Grafana v5 and the "now/w-1w+1d " or "now/w-1w+2d " is not accepted :frowning: