Different panels to show data from different days of the week

I am running Grafana v9.0.2 and my data source is prometheus.

I am trying to create separate panels in a dashboard that shows the deployments rolled out on different days of the week. For example, 1st panel shows the deployments done by the teams on Monday, 2nd panel on Tuesday, and so on.

I am using a table for my visualization. I want to have different time ranges for different panels so for a panel that displays data for Monday, I chose “Relative Time” as “now/w” and the “time drift” as “0d+1d”. Similarly, for Tuesday’s panel, I chose “Relative Time” as “now/w” and the “time drift” as “0d+2d” and so on.

The values displayed are for “This week so far” and with the timeshift, I configured. But the results seem to be wrong. A deployment pipeline was run once on Monday and again on Tuesday but it shows that the count as 2 for both days which means it is taking the count of deployments done so far in the week.

I expected it to show the count as 1 for Monday and 1 for Tuesday as the deployments were made on 2 different days.

I am running the below query to achieve it.

sum(increase(default_jenkins_builds_success_build_count{jenkins_job=~".*xxx.*"}[$__range])) by (jenkins_job)

I referred to the following page to set this up Multiple Time Range in dashboard - Specific day in previous week

Can you guys tell me if there is any other way to achieve this? or what am I missing in this?

Thank you!