Create a dashboard with various times

I have a panel. I would like to show the same panel for every Sunday from 6:00AM to 10:00AM for the past 1 year (so 52 small panels). Is that possible?

I would say this depends very much on what your data source is and whether its
query language understands the concept of days of the week,


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Also, I presume this would need to be “rolling” set of 52 panels, where one drops off and a new one comes in every Sunday? (or at least the dates on all 52 panels is dynamically adjusted)

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data source is influx

hmm. never though about that.

How about using something like polystat?

not sure if thats what I want.

I want to show a system load in these times. Even for the last 10 days would be great. At the moment, I am generating links w/ from and to. it works but would be great if it was an integrated feature.

Not sure I understand. What data source do you have and what does the current dashboard look like?

influxdb is my datasource

@rmorgan466 Can you share screenshots of your dashboard panel(s) and settings for these panels?

Hope to use this further in my future projects. Ready to process these thoughts.

would that be readable/usable even if its possible - User exp. wise ?

Maybe 4-5 panels by week and using the date-range filter on top right might be easier to read-use ?
Something like